The Best Way to Spend Your Time in Norway: 7 – Day Guide

Looking for the best way to spend your time in Norway?  Norway is a big country with a lot of remote areas to visit, which can make planning for your trip time consuming. To help with planning, we’ve created a 7 day guide, that can be extended to 10 days, that allows you to see the most of Norway. The country of Norway is filled with incredible fjords, cities and adventure so keep reading for everything you need to know.

When Should You Spend Time in Norway?

Norway is one of the Scandic countries in Europe, which also means it’s North of most European countries and this will affect when you travel here. The best months to spend time in Norway are June, July and August as the weather will be the warmest. Furthermore, during this time the days will be long allowing you to maximize your time exploring! The sun will rise around 4 am and set around 10pm during these summer days, conversely, if you visit during the winter the daylight hours are significantly shorter.

With that said, May and September are the shoulder seasons and paying a visit during this time would be a good idea as well. It may be a bit cooler and wetter at this time, however the crowds will be lighter, so it’s ultimately your preference for when to visit.

What is the Best Way to Travel When Spending Time in Norway?

When traveling around Norway you have several options with car, train and plane being the main three. There are boats and cruises that take you around Norway as well, but we recommend opting for the former options.

By Car:

Traveling by car through Norway is a popular option, especially if you are traveling away from the more popular cities listed in our itinerary. If you are looking to extend your trip to add in a hike, such as Trolltunga, then we would recommend a car. With that said, you can always take the train to a city closer to your hike and pick up the rental car from that point – we recommend assessing the prices and then making your decision.

By Plane:

Traveling by plane through Norway is definitely an option. Bergen, Oslo and Voss all have airports you can fly into. Additionally, there are other airports within the country to fly into if you are adding a hike. This can be a good option if you’re traveling a far distance for a hike, otherwise we would not recommend it. Largely, travel by plane will be expensive and you miss out on seeing the Norway landscapes that you see when traveling by ground.

By Train:

If you are following out itinerary, without adding any cities, then we highly recommend traveling by train for your trip. The train that goes from Bergen to Voss to Flam to Oslo is absolutely stunning, it’s actually toted as one of the most scenic train rides in the world. On top of the stunning views, train travel is simple and relaxing through Norway. The train seats are comfortable, have luggage storage, clean washrooms and cafes to get some coffee or refreshments. On top of all of this, you can lean back and enjoy the stunning views out of the train windows.

How to Spend Your Time in Norway Itinerary Overview:

  • Day 1-2 | Bergen
  • Day 3-4 | Voss
  • Day 5  | Flam
  • Day 6-7 | Oslo

Now, let’s get into the details of how to spend your time in Norway and all the adventures that are to be had in this jam-packed 7 day trip.

Day 1: Fly into Bergen

Your first day in Norway has you arriving in to Bergen. Take your time getting in on this day and spend the evening enjoying dinner out in Bergen. We highly recommend checking out either Bryggeloftet & Stuene restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Norway, or Fjellskal, a delicious seafood restaurant on the water.

Day 2: Enjoy Bergen

On day two, you will spend the day exploring Bergen and the surrounding fjords. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and offers plenty of incredible sites to see. As a city, Bergen is located on the water and surrounded by 7 mountains so the landscape is stunning. Furthermore, Bergen is also the gateway to some of the of the most famous fjords.

Highlights for your time in Bergen:

  • Fjord boat cruise: you can opt for a boat cruise (~ 3 hours) or go kayaking around, we highly recommend spending the first half day out on the water exploring the stunning fjords around Bergen.
  • Explore Bryggen: this is the historic harbor district on Bergen. Here you will see colorful, traditional, houses lined along the wharf. Walk around this area and in behind the houses to get a feel for historic Bergen.
  • Fløibanen and Mount Floyen: wanting to get a birds eye view of Bergen? Use the Fløibanen (a funicular) to head up to the top of Floyen mountain. There are some hiking trails along the top you can also use, however the views at the top of the funicular are also stunning.
  • Visit the Market Square: if you’re looking for great seafood then head to the Market Square for lunch. This market is filled with food stalls that range from seafood, to mini doughnuts to reindeer hotdogs.

Day 3: Travel to Voss

On day 3, pack up and hit the road (or train) up to Voss. Voss is the adrenaline capital of Norway, so plan to have some adventures that are filled with fun and (some) fear. The train ride to Voss is about 1.5 hours, there are several train time options so depending on when you arrive will depend on how many activities you do during your time here. We recommend spending the first day exploring town and heading up the Voss gondola for sunset and dinner.

Day 4: Voss adventures

On your full day in Voss, spend time doing one or two of the following adventures.

Highlights for your time in Voss:

  • Go white water rafting: Voss is home to one of Europe’s best white water rafting rivers. This is truly an adrenaline filled activity as this river is home to class 4 rapids. We recommend going for this option and enjoy the afternoon getting soaked with glacier water as you enjoy the scenery and adventure. If you’re traveling with young kids, there is an option to go down a different river that has much smaller rapids.
  • Take the Voss Gondola: if you’re in need of a more relaxing activity, take the Voss gondola. When you reach the top you will be treated with sweeping views of Voss and the surrounding mountains. In the winter, you can ski from here and in the summer you can hike or bike around the top. If you want to relax, there is a restaurant at the top you can enjoy a meal at.
  • Explore the Oppheimsvatnet Lake: if you’re looking to kayak or stand up paddle board, you can get out onto the lake and do just this. If you prefer to stay on land, then opt to walk around the lake in the trail.
  • See Voss from the Air: looking to up the adrenaline factor in Voss? You can either skydive or paraglide in Voss as well. You can look into booking and pricing for skydiving and/ or paragliding online.

There’s also several options to go hiking or biking in the area, Alltrails is a great resource to find and plan out these activities.

Day 5: Travel to Flam

Wake up bright and early on day 5 to head to Flam. Again, you can drive or train into Flam depending on your trip. We opted for the train and took it into the Myrdal station. From the Myrdal station you will have a few options to get into Flåm. You can hike down into Flåm, zip line and then bike (via a tour) or transfer to the Flam Railway for a 45-minute train ride. Plan out how you want to spend your day to determine the best option for you and your trip.

Highlights for your time in Flam:

  • Flam Zipline and Bike Tour: as previously mentioned, you can get into Flåm from Myrdal station via a zipline and bike ride. We did this option and loved it, it is an adventurous option so if this is your jam we highly recommend opting for it. The activity level is minimal as you bike downhill through the fjord, but prior biking experience is an asset.
  • Stegastein Viewpoint: this viewing platform offers views of the stunning fjords from 650 m above ground. The panoramic views from this viewing platform are stunning and the perfect activity for those who opt out of biking or hiking.
  • Fjord Boat Tour: if you passed on the fjord boat tour in Bergen, then we recommend opting for one in Flam.
  • Flam Railway Museum: One of the few free activities to do in Flåm is the Flam Railway Museum. The museum goes over the history of the Flam Railway and all the hardships that were faced while building it.
  • Go for a Hike: Lastly, a great way to get out and see Flåm is by hiking! There are several trails in the area that range from easy to difficult. Some tour companies will offer a guided hike, however you can also hike on your own. When hiking we always consult Alltrails to get the most up to date information on the trails. If you’re heading out for a hike, grab something to eat for lunch in the village of Flåm before heading out.
  • Enjoy the Sunset or Sunrise at Flam Beach: to capture the scenery with the best lighting, head over the Flam beach for either sunset or sunrise.

Check out our post for more planning tips for Flam, Norway.

Day 6: Travel to Oslo

Start day 6 with a train ride from Flam to Oslo. Take the Flam railway up to Myrdal Station and from there catch the train to Oslo. The train ride to Oslo is about 4 hours and 40 minutes. Spend the morning enjoying the incredible scenery and relaxing after the last few days filled with adventure.

Day 7: Explore Oslo

Your last day will be spent enjoying Oslo. Oslo is the country’s capital and sits on the southern coast of Norway.

Highlights for your time in Oslo:

  • Go on a Walking Tour: there are several walking tours you can join in Oslo and we felt this was a great way to see some of the city and learn about it’s history.
  • Visit Oslo Opera House: Oslo has a beautiful Opera House that is worth visiting, you can go inside or simply enjoy the views from walking along the roof (yes, the roof) of it.
  • Wander Around Aker Brygge: Aker Brygge is the harbor area of Oslo. You can wander around enjoying the views, we recommend enjoying a drink or some food in this area as well.
  • Visit a Museum: Oslo is home to many museums and we recommend checking one out. The Munch Museum is home to the Scream painting which makes it a popular art museum.
  • Visit the Royal Palace: the Royal Palace is also worth the visit, you can walk around the grounds and if you time it right see the changing of the guards.
  • Eat at the Mathallen Food Hall: this large food hall is filled with international food stalls and is a great place to stop for lunch.
  • Kayak Through the City: if you’re up for some more adventure, you can kayak along the river that runs through Olso. This is a guided kayak trip and allows you to see the city from a different perspective.

Looking to Extend Your Time in Norway?

This itinerary leads you towards a jam-packed week in Norway, but it doesn’t include visiting one of the more famous (and longer) hikes that Norway has to offer. If you have 10-days, we highly recommend adding in a one of Norway’s incredible hikes. Trolltunga is one of the most popular, however it is long. If you’re looking for some shorter options, check out Pulpit Rock or the Kjeragbolten hike.

Happy exploring!

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