Madrid Day Trip to Segovia

On our third full day in the city we decided to take a day trip to a smaller town called Segovia. Segovia is a relatively easy city to visit and as there is an express train to take you there. Once you get to the Segovia train station you can either take a bus for 2 euros each or a cab for approximately 10 euros. In our experience the bus was just as easy, jut as quick and, of course, the cheapest.

The historic section of Segovia is all walkable and in a day trip you will have plenty of time to do all the major historic sites.

The aqueducts are impressive and we recommend stopping by one of the close by cafes or pubs to enjoy the view and, hopefully, the sunny weather. We were visiting in November so while it was relatively mild the day itself was overcast and rained out our outdoor cafe plans.

There is a gothic style church that is perched on top of a hill in the centre of the old district. You can pay to have a tour or walk it on your own. An interesting feature of this cathedral is the mini art gallery they have in the basement, if you are an art fan this will be the place for you.

We meandered our way, chocolate crepes in hand, towards the opposite side of the aquaducts to visit the castle. Now this was the first castle I have visited and I was enamored. It was at the edge of the city and overlooked an incredible valley that was littered with old farms and historic houses. As you explored the castle and got higher the view got better. For an additional fee you can pay for an audio tour, which really added some insight and made the visit more enjoyable. The audio tours are ~10 euros each and while we each got one it would have been very doable to share this for cost savings.

The Aquaducts, cathedral and castle are the three main attractions of Segovia that we went to. There is a jewish quarter we walked through which was filled with narrow and winding roads that were enjoyable to get lost in. Unfortunately, we were there on a week day in the off season so the jewish museum was closed.

Segovia surpassed my expectations and was easier to get to and more beautiful than I had imagined. In all our days in Spain this was a highlight for me and on my list of top things to see or do around the Madrid area.

Cheers to our last full day in Europe as tomorrow we are off to Morocco!

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